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The Allie-ween Twisted Spider


🕷This Allie-ween Twisted Spiders design was made in honor of our friend and collector Allie Williams who loves wearing Twisted Spiders as pendants. Allie shares her personal life on her TikTok videos while spreading awareness of advocacy of those living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. We give Allie 10% of the proceeds from the sales of this design and The Allie Twisted each month. We also gift her with new Twisted Spiders as a thank you for sharing Twisted Spiders on her social media pages.  For more information about Allie Williams visit her TikTok account: AllieWheelz
This small size Twisted Spiders design has a jeweled purple colored glass body as shown with a faceted orange glass crystal head and finished with stainless steel bead caps. The legs are accented with electroplated orange rondelles and orange and black colored Czech glass beads. It can be finished with either an ornament hook for displaying, a pendant with necklace cord, a hair clip, or as a brooch pin. The spider measures about 2 inches in diameter.
🕷Our photos represent the style spider using the particular beads shown in the photo. Due to the uniqueness of individual beads, the finished spider you receive may vary slightly compared to the photo. Spiders indicated in the listing as "One of a Kind" will have photos of the exact spider that you will receive. Customers are responsible for reading the item descriptions and contacting Twisted Spiders with questions prior to completing purchase. All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. Please see our Terms & Conditions.
🕷Each of the spiders is uniquely handmade with a patented design in the United States. Rebecca O'Keefe is one of the creators of Twisted Spiders and own the U.S. Patent D062941 for the overall spider design. If you are inspired by Twisted Spiders, please respect her patented design and artistic expression and please avoid reproducing similar beaded spider designs with the same look and style and calling them your own, also know as "art plagiarism".