🕷 Twisted Spiders’ artists design and hand twist high-end beaded spiders using high quality components such as artisan glass beads, stainless steel, premium crystals, gemstones, and unique rare beads. Twisted Spiders craftsmanship and designs are very distinguishable and our company has taken something that is often perceived as ugly, creepy and frightening and "twisted" it into something that is beautiful, elegant, and alluring.  We attempt to capture this in every one of our creations and hope to become a household name in your home. We have been making Twisted Spiders as a small business for almost 20 years. We consider each one of your purchases as an adoption. We hope that you will care and love your Twisted Spiders for a lifetime.
🕷 Part of our uniqueness is that we offer Twisted Spiders in various sizes and finished with either ornament hooks for displaying, pendants with necklace cords and either permanently glued on brooch pins or hair clips (See details below). Whether you choose to accessorize with or simply display Twisted Spiders, we truly hope you enjoy our unique spiders.
🕷 Each of the spiders is uniquely handmade with a patented design in the United States. Rebecca O'Keefe is one of the creators of Twisted Spiders and owns the U.S. Patent D0629471 for the overall spider design. If you are inspired by Twisted Spiders, please respect her patented design and artistic expression and please avoid reproducing similar beaded spider designs with the same look and style and call them your own, also known as "art plagiarism".
🕷 Orders placed online will be processed and shipped within 1-14 business days, Monday - Friday, excluding federal and religious holidays****

🕷 These are the size dimensions as established by the owners of Twisted Spiders

  • Small: 2 inches in diameter
  • Medium: 2.5 inches in diameter
  • Large: 3 inches in diameter
  • Extra Large: 6 inches in diameter
  • Mini Extra Large: 4.5 inches in diameter
  • Earrings: 1.5 inches in diameter. 
🕷 We offer the following finishing options: Ornament hook for displaying, Pendant with necklace cord. We charge a small fee for either a permanently glued on alligator style hair clip or a brooch pin glued on the underside of the spider. Check each product listing for pricing for finishing option.